Volunteering in front-facing roles

If you would like to offer direct support to women, one of the three roles below may be suited to you. Note that we’re only looking for female volunteers for these front-facing roles. We will need to interview you, take up references and carry out DBS checks.  It’s important that you can honour the time commitment involved, which will include several introductory training sessions and occasional further sessions. Ongoing support is provided.

We’re not looking for ‘experts’, but women who are compassionate, non-judgmental, good listeners and are also self-aware. Kris Rocke and Joel Van Dyke from Street Psalms have observed that “The level of compulsion associated with justice work is alarming. The work itself attracts driven people powered by their highly compulsive nature. Very often these compulsions take the form of something good, say a virtue. But every virtue has a vice, a shadow, that can easily take over.”  We realise that we need to be realistic about our own compulsiveness so that we don’t seek out ‘helping’ relationships for the sake of our own needs. It will be useful to consider this temptation or tendency before applying to volunteer. We don’t see ourselves as ‘rescuers’, or the women we seek to serve as passive recipients of our help; rather we recognise a common need to depend on God’s grace in our lives and to take ownership of our choices.

It’s not a requirement to be a committed Christian to take up a voluntary role within with Yasha, but we ask all volunteers to respect the Christian ethos of the project and not to undermine it in word or action.

On-street outreach

You will form part of a team of three volunteers (per outreach) with a team leader. You will need to attend 3 introductory sessions of training. Ongoing support will be provided. Find out more.

Drop-in support

You will form part of a team of three/four volunteers (per drop-in) with a team leader. You will need to attend 3 introductory sessions of training.  Ongoing support will be provided. Find out more.

Kintsugi groups

Meetings are between 2 volunteers and 1 woman who is committed to building a relationship with us. Volunteers are available to meet for coffee and conversation but also to offer support with practical issues such as attending court, medical appts, etc, and to offer help exploring routes out of prostitution. Find out more.

If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.

Lilla Watson