Life beyond sexual exploitation

Yasha is a Christian outreach to women in Stoke affected by prostitution and sexual exploitation. We believe that prostitution is rarely a ‘life-style choice’ but is often symptomatic of issues around abuse, trauma and deprivation. As such it's often strongly associated with addiction and shame.

Our focus is on honouring the woman at the heart of these struggles and on building committed and non-judging relationships where she might re-discover her inestimable worth, her true identity, and her capacity to craft, with support, a different story for herself.

We're committed to justice for women and to offering practical support to find routes out of sexual exploitation. Working in partnership with other agencies, our mission is to help provide holistic care and support that creates opportunity for a life lived free.

Yasha is a Hebrew word found frequently in the Bible meaning to make safe, to set free, to set in a spacious place free from restriction. It also describes the result of this action - to be safe, to be free, to be in a spacious place free from restriction.  As such it describes both a determined act of intervention and also its settled outcome, and is often used to express the heart and initiative of God towards His creation. We want to collaborate with Him by helping to create the conditions and opportunities that can help women find routes out of exploitation, and also by helping them to discover a place of rest and thriving on the other side.

Although a Christian project, Yasha works with women of all faiths and none and is committed to respecting women’s freedom of choice in this area. The Gospel underpins everything we do but is not presented coercively. We are simply ‘paying forward’ the love and healing that has been poured out into our own lives. 

Get in touch with us if you think we can help you or if you’d like to be involved.


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